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Do you need to let off some steam or just have fun breaking things? 

Check out the packages below and find the best option for you!

You Can see how much is a rage room per person on the images. All Prices are Per Person and you ALL get the crate amounts. So if you book 2 De-Stress packages, you each get 15 items. 

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The most stuff to break with some discounts included!
- 45 Glass Items
1 Electronic (Keyboard, clock, some medium-sized electronic, or similar items)
- 1 Glitter Bomb
- 1 Car Windshield or additional items depending on availability
- 45-Rage Filled Minutes
- $123 Value for Only $99.95 per person! SAVE $23!*20230212_210032_0000*png?alt=media&token=67975c6d-5b7c-4d6d-90c6-a7a23d6e10af*1000003696*jpg?alt=media&token=a209629b-8462-4b7c-ab3b-180b6809e6a3

- 30 Glass Items
- 30-Rage Filled Minutes
- $54.95 Per Person*1000003677*jpg?alt=media&token=0b0cf633-b10e-4243-882c-848dd3a2c22b

- 15 Glass Items
- 20-Rage Filled Minutes
- $29.95 Per Person

What is a Rage Room: Smash 'N Dash Rage Room in Resaca, Ga Has the Answer

What is a Rage Room: Smash 'N Dash Rage Room in Resaca, Ga, Has the Answer

If you've ever needed to let off some steam, you'll be happy to know there's a place for that – Rage Rooms. Smash 'N Dash Rage Room in Resaca, Ga, is the perfect place to go when you need to break something. Whether you're stressed out from work or need to relieve some anger, their rage room is the perfect solution. So what exactly is a rage room? It's a space where you can release your aggression by smashing objects. Smash 'N Dash has different packages that include all sorts of items to break, like plates, glasses, and even TVs. You don up some protective gear and let loose – it's that simple. And it's surprisingly therapeutic. So next time you're feeling angry or frustrated, remember that there's a place where you can safely take out your aggression. Check out Smash 'N Dash Rage Room in Resaca, Ga – you might find yourself feeling a lot better afterward.

What is a rage room, and how did the concept start

A rage room is a unique physical and mental outlet, exploring new ways to relieve stress. The concept of such a space came from Japan, back in 2008. Its founders created the first rage room as an alternative way to vent aggression or frustration aside from traditional outlets; it steadily became more popular, and the idea started to spread through social media. Interestingly enough, it has proven successful in helping individuals keep functioning in their regular life by giving them the opportunity for catharsis without causing any harm around them. While customers are supplied all necessary safety gear, the range and selection of items used for smashing can vary greatly depending on what is available for use within that particular establishment.

How can smashing things help relieve stress and anger

Smashing things can be an effective way to reduce stress and anger, especially when those emotions become too intense for any amount of time spent on reflecting or journaling. It's important to choose an inanimate object that won't cause harm or break anything valuable. Looking for a small box, balloon, can, or preferably something soft like a cotton pillow works well here. Place the object in a safe and secure space and then spend some time hitting it as hard as you safely can. The physical force helps to expel energy that has built up inside us; enough even to take out aggression that has simmered over days, weeks or even months. A caveat though: don't forget the relaxation phase when finished — take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to come back down from the activity before moving on with your day!

What are some of the most popular items to smash in a rage room

Exploding with rage and looking for a way to express it? A Rage Room might be right up your alley. Many people find catharsis in smashing stuff, and there is no shortage of popular items to choose from when booking a session. Along with ordinary office furniture such as chairs and filing cabinets, some rage rooms offer guests the chance to demolish dishes, computers, printers, monitors, and even pianos! Commonly considered 'priceless' items like TVs can even be added to the list of objects you can beat up in a rage room. The options are nearly endless; many rage rooms can even customize an experience on request!

Where is the nearest rage room to me

Finding the nearest rage room can be a bit of a challenge. Depending on where you live, there may be an abundance of rage rooms or none at all. If you are looking for the closest one to you, research is key. Seeing what companies provide the service nearby should get you well on your way to finding your rage fix. There is nothing better than breaking some stuff in a safe and structured environment. Once you have located the closest option, read any available reviews to decide which one best suits your needs. There is no reason that getting out some of the built-up fury has to be inconvenient. After careful consideration and some research, you will soon be able to unleash your anger in an appropriate, cathartic manner.

How do I book a session at the Smash 'N Dash Rage Room

Booking a session at the Smash 'N Dash Rage Room is simple and fun! All you need to do is go online and pick from one of their rage rooms, where you can choose how long you'd like your session to last. After that, you can select a range of breakable items to tear up for some outstanding stress relief. And when you're done, you can suggest additions to the facility so everyone can come in and let the chaos out! From booking to breaking stuff, Smash 'N Dash Rage Room offers an easy way to take control when life leaves us feeling overwhelmed.

With rage rooms a growing trend across the globe, now is the perfect time to enjoy the therapeutic effects of smashing things. Many people have found great relief by engaging in a rage room session and feel much calmer afterwards. With several different items to smash at the Smash ‘N Dash Rage Room, you can find something that will let you get all your anger out while also having fun. Whether you're feeling angry or just want to release some energy, a visit to the Smash ‘N Dash Rage Room is sure to reduce your stress. So don’t wait any longer and book your session now! You’re sure to come away with a sense of pride after showing those old plates and phones who's boss!