Rage Room Prices - Smash 'N Dash Rage Room

Rage Room Prices - Smash 'N Dash Rage Room

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to relieve stress and blow off some steam? Look no further than the Smash N Dash Rage Room! This rage room offers a safe and controlled environment where you can release all of your frustrations by smashing and breaking things to your heart's content. But what about the prices, you ask? Well, let's break it down!

At Smash N Dash, there are a variety of package options to choose from depending on your budget and preferences. The most popular package is the "Smash It Up" package, which starts at $24.99 and includes 20 minutes of smash time in their deluxe rage room. With this package, you'll have access to a variety of items to smash, including plates, glasses, and electronics. It's the perfect amount of time to let out all your stress without breaking the bank.

If you're looking for a longer rage session, you can opt for the "All Out Destruction" package, which starts at $80 and includes almost an hour in the deluxe rage room, as well as access to a wider array of items to smash. This package is ideal for those who really need to blow off some serious steam.

For those who want to bring a group of friends or coworkers, Smash N Dash also offers group packages and multi event packages This is a great option for team-building activities or just a fun night out with friends.

All packages include safety gear and the option to bring your own items to smash (within reason, of course!). So don't wait any longer to book your rage room experience at Smash N Dash and let your inner rage monster run wild!