Rage Package - Smash 'N Dash Rage Room

Looking for a Fun Time For a Group of 2 or More?

Enjoy all THREE activities at our location for one low price for 2 people (You can add more at checkout if needed)

With this package, you get: 


  • Package for 2 or More People 
  • 15 Glass Items Per Person ($59.90 Value)
  • A Windshield to Destroy ($15 Value)
  • 3 Colored Paints Each ($59.98 Value)
  • 16x20 Canvas to Keep 
  • 30 Minutes of Axe Throwing with Coaching ($30 Value)
  • Courtesy Lockers to Store Belongings 
  • All Safety Gear Provided ($15 Value)
  • Exclusive Room(s) for Your Group
  • Bluetooth Speaker to Connect to YOUR Music
  • Complimentary Post-Experience Photo

$179 of Value for only $155!

$155 covers two people! Add more than two people for an additional $70 each!)


What is a Rage Package? 

A rage package helps you enjoy our entire set of services! 
We have our rage rooms, rage painting, and axe throwing!
For one low price, you and someone else can join together to have a ton of fun!
Whether you are looking to rage out on a date or celebrate a birthday party, a rage room package is the best idea for the most value. 

What is a Rage Room? 

A Rage Room is a space dedicated to releasing pent-up stress, frustration and anger by smashing objects with baseball bats, sledgehammers, or other tools. It is an outlet for people to take out their anger without hurting others. The practice of visiting a Rage Room has become increasingly popular over the past several years and can be found in many cities around the world.

What is a Rage Painting? 

 Rage Painting is a form of art therapy where individuals get to express their emotions through painting. It gives the artist an opportunity to process and release any built-up anger or stress without hurting others. The result can be a chaotic, abstract piece of art that reflects their true inner feelings. You can throw the paint on the canvas, paint normally, whatever you want!