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With this package, you get:

  • 15 Glass Items Per Person ($59.90 Value)
  • A Windshield to Destroy ($20 Value)
  • 6 Paint Colors Each ($69.98 Value)
  • 16x20 Canvas to Keep ($10 Value)

  • Courtesy Lockers to Store Belongings 
  • Face Shield and Gloves Provided ($15 Value)
  • Exclusive Room(s) for Your Group
  • Bluetooth Speaker to Connect to YOUR Music
  • Complimentary Post-Experience Photo

$174.88 OF VALUE FOR ONLY FOR $139.98! ($69.99 PER PERSON!)*exclusive%20(1)*gif?alt=media&token=069c121f-06ff-4739-ab02-7080beea425d

Not only will you get all of that value above, you will also get:

- 1x Medium Electronic for Every Person ($25/person value)
- 3x Extra Paints Per Person
- 1x Set of Splatter Balls

That takes your value up to $376 for ONLY $139.98 for two people ($69.99 per person)

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